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Play Seterra to experience map puzzles about the United States. Questions about the 50 states are waiting for you to answer and win admirable achievements. Do you remember the locations of all states here? Play and you will know!

Seterra Gameplay

In this online game, players will participate in quizzes about the United States with the following rules.

Playing Principles

The Seterra game gives you a map of the United States with its states. However, these states are unnamed. An adorable cat will ask you the location of a random state. You need to point to its correct location. If you cannot find out after 5 attempts, the cat will take you to the correct location and ask a new question. The game will continue until 50 states are found.

This online game only covers the 50 states. In fact, the number of states is larger. The reason is that this game was designed a long time ago and it has not yet been updated with more accurate figures.

Seterra Score

After each time you successfully find a location, you will receive points. The number of points depends on your number of attempts. Note that your score will be deducted by one after each try.

To win many points in this Seterra game, you need to have knowledge about the United States and its states. Otherwise, you may face many challenges. However, this knowledge can be accumulated through games, so new players do not need to worry. In addition, you can also apply new strategies to complete the matches. In particular, look in the same direction as the cat. The target state is in that direction.

A Similar Game

Like Seterra, is also a map game but it is a multiplayer game. Players will appear on the same map to invade empty territories. After that, players will compete with each other to gain more territory. The player with the largest land wins. These territorial wars will depend on your strategies. You need to use your military force appropriately.