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Scary Maze is a horror puzzle game with special gameplay: move a dot to the red destination to complete a level. If not, scary something is waiting for you. Are you ready to join this new horror-running game?

Special Gameplay Of Scary Maze

In this puzzle game, you will control a blue dot to move to a red destination. To move, you just need to use your mouse. As soon as you enter this game, your mouse will turn into this dot, so you can move it immediately.

While moving, you need to pay attention to one rule of the game: avoid colliding with walls that will take you back to the starting line. These walls belong to the maze where you are moving. This maze has an extremely special structure. Its paths have different sizes to challenge players. Even, their width is only one dot.

This puzzle game is challenging with your hand stability. How far can you go in this Scary Maze game?

Horror Elements In The Game

This Scary Maze game has horror elements after each failed level. If you complete a stage, you will advance to the next level immediately. However, if failure appears, a horror image will surprise you. Win or lose? It all depends on you!