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Join in the journey of an alien in this running game

Run 3 allows you to discover the large galaxy which has a special road. You have to run on a dangerous road that has many platforms and gaps.

In this game, the main character is an alien who is running on the road in the universe. He has to face many dangers because of the gaps on the road. The dark galaxy can suck your alien if he falls into the gaps. This game is a test of your control skills and agility. With two modes, this game can satisfy your demand for a running game. Moreover, this game provides some unique skins for this alien. However, you need to complete some achievement to unlock and use these skins.

Choose your favorite modes in Run 3

This game offers two modes which are adventure and infinite modes. The challenges of each mode are arranged in different positions, so you can experience different feelings through the two modes.

Adventure mode

This mode divides the long road into many levels which can be completed by reaching the finish line. When you move to the new level, you have no time to rest. Your alien continues to run when it passes a level. If your alien falls into some trap, you can restart at that level. This mode is suitable for the players who want to explore the galaxy deeply.

Infinite mode

Your alien runs on an endless road that stops stuck at the gaps. You must replay the first point if your character is out of the road. This mode is for the pro players who want to challenge their limits. You can challenge this mode with your friend and let's see who can move further.