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Peg Solitaire


Peg Solitaire is an intellectual puzzle game with a long history. In this online version, you have favorable conditions to participate in different challenges.

About Peg Solitaire

Welcome to a new brain game on our Uno Online website! This Peg Solitaire game has been around for more than 300 years and now it has been released with a convenient online version. Let's find out the details about this new brain game!

Goal Of Peg Solitaire

In the puzzle game, your goal is to remove all the pegs on the game board. However, you are allowed to leave one peg on the board. This exception is derived from the peg-removing rule. Players can follow the removal rules in the next section.

This objective of Peg Solitaire is challenging for all players. In particular, players may not be able to move because of the removal method of this online game.

Peg-Removing Principle

In Peg Solitaire, players can remove a peg by moving another peg past the target peg. Of course, to accomplish this goal, you need an empty spot on the other side of the target peg. Players can click on the Question Mark at the bottom left for more details.

With this special gameplay, players can experience Solitaire in a completely new style. It will challenge players to remove all pegs without running out of moves.

Online Peg Version

In this online version of Peg Solitaire, players can play at any time with a diverse number of boards. Players can choose the shape of the board such as triangle, square, cross, or diamond. This variety of boards will bring you many interesting experiences about Peg Solitaire.