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Naruto Mini Battle 2 offers an intense battle among characters in the Naruto series. You must control your character to defeat your enemies.

About Naruto Mini Battle 2

Do you know the Naruto series? Naruto is a Japanese manga that is loved by many people. Because, if you are a fan of this manga then you should not miss this game. The game is inspired by manga with many manga-like characters.

Your task in this game is to control the character to defeat other opponents. You must be the last person standing on the field to win. Each match will consist of three rounds in which you must fight against different rivals. You must win at least two rounds. Therefore, you need to take advantage of your skills to defeat your opponent.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the HP bar. If your character's HP runs out, the game is over. You will be the loser. The best way is to combine defense and attack. You have to dodge the opponent's attacks. Then, take advantage of the opponent's loophole to defeat him.

How to control the characters

Player 1

  • YHGJ to move.
  • A to choose an opponent.
  • A to punch.
  • Z to kick.
  • E to collect.

Player 2

  • Arrow keys to move.
  • 2 to choose an opponent.
  • 2 to punch.
  • 3 to kick.
  • 9 to collect.

Some Game Modes

This new game has more modes than with 4 modes.

  • Versus: In this mode, you can choose 1 Player or 2 Players. Choose your favorite character to start the match. If you choose 1 Player, you will play against another character controlled by the computer. If you choose 2 Players, you will join the match against another player. You and your friend will use the same device to guide your characters in the fights. Try to beat the opponent.
  • Training: You can train your skills when joining this mode. You do not need to win three rounds. Let's play until you are a master of the game.
  • Story: You are allowed to join this mode with another person. You will fight as a team. Try to beat the opposing team with two powerful characters.
  • Survival: This mode is very interesting. The fiery battle is waiting for you. Have you learned new tricks yet? Let's apply them now.