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Do the math with your cute ducking in the Math Duck game to escape from the closed underground room. Time for your duck is limited so hurry up!

Your Ducking Online

Welcome to Math Duck, an online game with a cute duck character! In this game, every level has a duck in a closed room. This room is located underground and the only way to escape is to complete the math to receive the door key.

Your duck will follow your controls through the arrow keys. Your ducking can move with the left and right arrow keys while it jumps with the up arrow key.

Math Duck Rules

When participating in this new puzzle game, players need to comply with two main rules about math and time.

Rules About Mathematical Operations

The principle is to get the key to open the door to escape. The key appears only when you complete all the calculations correctly. Therefore, math rules are extremely important for this Math Duck game.

Math operations are displayed at the top left of the screen. There are missing numbers at random. Your task is to collect that missing number to fill in the blanks. During this move, you need to pay attention to your duck's timing.

Time In Math Duck

The playing time for each level is limited so that the duck can complete all the calculations. In the first levels, your duck can meet the time requirements easily. After that, the puzzles will become more and more difficult in Math Duck and you will face time trials. However, these challenges are still considered easier than Worlds Hardest Game, one of the most challenging puzzle games in the online gaming world.