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Lemonade Stand is an online game to challenge your trading ability by importing ingredients and materials and selling lemonade in the following days.

How To Play Lemonade Stand

This online game brings a new playing way to players of the Uno Online website. You will start a lemonade business to make daily profits.

Buy Necessary Ingredients

To start a business, you need to buy the necessary materials first. Some of the needed ingredients in Lemonade Stand are lemons, sugar cubes, ice cubes, and paper cups.

You can buy 100 lemons for $3.25 while 100 sugar cubes are $0.60. In addition, 100 ice cubes are $0.5 and 100 paper cups are $0.3.

When you buy these ingredients, you should pay attention to the quantity and the weather conditions of the next day.

Lemonade Stand Rules

On the right side of the game screen, you can track the necessary data about capital, the number of sold lemonades, the quantity of ingredients, and the weather for the next day.

First, you should pay attention to your money and the amount of ingredients left. After that, rely on the weather to decide whether or not to buy additional ingredients. If you buy too little on sunny days, you won't have enough lemonade for sell. On the contrary, if you buy too much on rainy days, the amount of inventory will be too much.

Day 1 To Day 15

This online Lemonade Stand game will take place for 15 days to challenge your trading ability. Through the challenges of this game, you can demonstrate your abilities and business strategies.