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Knife Hit Horror


Play Knife Hit Horror to challenge your shooting ability and fearlessness. Scary images appear intermittently in matches to scare the gutless.

Knife Hit Horror Introduction

This new game belongs to the horror arcade genre where you can experience two types of gameplay in the same game. First, players can throw knives for fun and reduce stress. Second, you can challenge your courage through horror images. The two interwoven gameplay will bring interesting experiences to Knife Hit Horror players.

In addition, the graphics and design of this Knife Hit Horror game are very impressive. The horror images are meticulously designed so players can be scared. Can you keep calm after seeing these horrifying images? Start Knife Hit Horror now and prove your abilities!

How To Hit Knife Online

In Knife Hit Horror, players can easily hit knives following the instructions below.

Guides For Knife Hit Horror

Please enter the number of knives on the left. This is the number of knives you must throw at that level. After that, click to hit the knife on the target in the middle of the game screen. After throwing all these knives, you can advance to the next level to conquer new achievements.

The Influence of Horror Images

Horror images do not appear often in Knife Hit Horror. However, their appearance brought backlash to players. Players need to fight that fear to conquer Knife Hit Horror. After playing this game, you can play another horror game like Five Nights at Freddy's 2.