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Idle Money Tree is an idle game to earn money from a tree. Click to collect coins and don't forget to use lighting, water, and other items for your plants. This new game is simple for you to entertain with tree-clicking gameplay.

Tree-Clicking Gameplay

In Idle Money Tree, you will click on money bags on a tree to collect coins. Coins are your goal and have as many coins as possible. With this amount of coins, you can buy items to increase the speed of coin creation. You can follow some examples of tree upgrades below.

  • Sunlight allows you to increase collection efficiency. In particular, sunlight is divided into many levels. The higher the level, the higher the work efficiency.
  • Water is also an essential level element for plants. When you add water to your plants, your coin purse and productivity will increase significantly. In particular, water will trigger your automation.
  • Fertilizer helps increase the automatic production capacity of your tree. This item can also be leveled up to increase productivity.
  • Fruits and Genetic Research are the two most expensive and most effective items. They are also ready for you to upgrade.

Idle Money Tree Multiplier

This online game allows you to increase your output by clicking continuously. When you click continuously, the productivity bar will be filled and your output will be x2, x3, x4, and many times more.