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Hurdle is a word-guessing game where you need to find a secret 5-letter word. However, this word game allows you to find 5 words daily to reach the destination.

Word-Guessing Games

Welcome to the Hurdle game where you can challenge your vocabulary! Word-guessing games are a hot trend at the moment. Online players can easily find similar games on online platforms. On our website, you can also find similar games and Word Hurdle is a game of the same genre.

These games are all word-guessing games. When you play these games, you need to have a large vocabulary, the ability to speculate, and the ability to handle situations. Let's dive into Hurdle's official puzzles and show off your abilities!

About Hurdle

This new game is one of the famous word-guessing versions. This version of Hurdle has familiar gameplay.

Hurdle Gameplay

The gameplay is similar to Word Hurdle where you need to find a secret word. This secret word consists of 5 letters and can belong to any field. You have 6 chances to find this secret word. After each try, this Hurdle game will give matching colors to predict the correct word.

Although this new game has similar gameplay, it also has special features.

Special Features

Typically, word-guessing games require players to find a secret word each day. However, this Hurdle game has 5 words per day. The target word from the first round will become the first word in the second round. After completing 5 rounds, you can win at the glorious finish line.