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House Painter is an entertaining building game where you will start painting various houses and build a colorful city with these painted houses. This gameplay can be simple but it will challenge you with puzzles from house structures.

Puzzles From House Structures

In House Painter, your main subject is the houses that have white color and different structures. When you get a house, it's your mission to paint it.

To paint, you just need to use the mouse, arrows, or WASD to move a block. When this block moves to any position, that position will be colored. However, the structure of each house will make it difficult for you to avoid objects and paint colors.

These objects will block your path and create challenging puzzles. To conquer these puzzles, you need to find a suitable path to fill the white walls. Colorful houses will be created and become part of your city.

Your City In House Painter

You can build your city with painted houses. Initially, the city only had empty lots. You can buy a house and upgrade it. Buying and upgrading houses requires using coins, which you can collect from successfully painting houses.

While upgrading, you will also see changes in the surrounding landscape. Your city contains not only houses but also other objects such as trees, flowers, and windmills. These objects will also be upgraded according to the level of your houses.