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Haunt The House is a fun game where you transform into a ghost to scare people in a house. This unique gameplay will give players a whole new experience.

Welcome to this new online game where you will experience a night of haunting. This game takes place at midnight and gives you the fun experience of being a lovely ghost. This refreshingly themed game will satisfy all your entertainment needs!

Haunt The House Gameplay

In this online game, you will use arrow keys or WASD keys to control your character. You can control your character to move around every corner of the house. It is possible to fly over objects and explore the rooms. During movement, you can possess using the spacebar. The function of this action is to transform into objects and create movement of objects. These movements can scare the people in the house and you can get closer to your goal.

Your goal is to scare and kick 50 people out of the house. The number of objects is large, so you will need to change the form and possess it many times. To return to ghost form, simply press the spacebar again. To make it easy for our players to win, here are some helpful tips.

Some Tips For Your Ghost

The first useful tip is to flexibly switch between ghost and possess forms. People will also have activities and move into many locations in the house. You should move and reach the target easily. People near objects such as light bulbs, cabinets, chairs, or tables are the easiest objects to reach. When approaching people, you shouldn't do too much to avoid people doing stupid things. It's also better to head towards the exit of the house to move. Like the House Of Hazards house structure, this house has an exit on the right side of the first floor.

Besides, after successfully chasing a person, your character can level up. Increasing this level will help you achieve more achievements.