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Play Gold Miner to explore the rich underground world with surprising minerals. Precious gold, diamonds, or cheap stones? What can you collect?

About Gold Miner

Welcome to the most popular game of all time, Gold Miner! This arcade game offers adventures as you become a miner to collect underground minerals. Besides this typical gameplay, this game also offers many other outstanding features.

Multiple Platforms Owned

Players can join Gold Miner on many different platforms from apps, online, or offline. However, the best Gold Miner in the world is still Gold Miner Online and our Uno Online website brings you that online version. Gameplay and controls become simpler with the keyboard while the interface becomes even better with the large computer screen.

Gold Miner Background

This online game also features a prominent background. When you join Gold Miner, the background with countless gold always surprises you. In addition, there are many different backgrounds depending on each stage. As a result, surprises are always created for online mining players.

Mining Advanced Method

To complete the mission at each level, you need to have smart strategies for Gold Miner. The most effective strategy is to target high-value minerals. To guess the value of minerals, you can rely on size and material. Of course, diamonds will be more expensive than gold and gold will be more precious than stones. In addition, don't forget to use dynamite to break the stones and save time.