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Geometry Dash Remastered is a new geometry version with 6 levels: Awakened Dream, To The Horizon, Weird Zone, Made Of Scrap, Descent, and Cyclic.

6 Geometry Levels

This remake game brings 6 new levels to your cube character. Each geometry level will have different music and difficulty levels which are shown on each level's play screen. For example, the Awakened Dream level has music called Within A Dream with an easy difficulty level. Meanwhile, the Descent level has music called Viking Area and the difficulty level is Hard.

In addition, these 6 levels also have different obstacles, maps, and challenges. Each change in obstacles gives you different experiences with this geometry version. In particular, if you are always attracted to mysteries, come to the Cyclic level. This Cyclic level has not yet shown its difficulty level because it is waiting for players to explore for themselves.

More Geometry Dash Remastered

When talking about this Remastered version, players should also know about the gameplay and some features.

Remastered Version Gameplay

Move your cube with your mouse, spacebar, or up arrow key in this Geometry Dash Remastered game. When you use one of these joysticks, your cube character can jump to overcome dangerous obstacles.

Features Of Geometry Dash Remastered

The geometry game has more levels than Geometry Dash SubZero, so players can take on more challenges. However, to change levels in Geometry Dash Remastered, it is quite difficult because players need to reload the game. There are no navigation buttons on the game screen.