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Funny Animals Match 3 is a puzzle game with cute animals. Animals are arranged in a messy way and require you to form lines of 3 or more animals to remove them. When joining this online game, there are two main factors you need to pay attention to.

Rules To Move Animals

There are many types of animals in this Funny Animals Match 3 game. You may encounter ferocious gray wolves or cute yellow bees. The green chickens or the blue elephants are also always present in your matches.

You can only move animals that are next to each other vertically or horizontally. Besides, after moving, you need to make sure to create a row of 3 or more animals. These standard rows will be removed and will give you points. To move, you just need to use the mouse to change the position. Although the way to move is easy, you will always face difficulties due to some other factors.

Other Elements Of Funny Animals Match 3

Some other important factors are time, number of moves, and your score.

  • The time for each level is limited and you can increase the time by repeatedly performing successful removals.
  • In contrast to time, the number of moves is unlimited. It is only one factor to evaluate your process. Use as few moves as possible to show your talent.
  • Finally, your score will be reflected in two metrics: the number of coins and the achievement bar. The number of coins is clearly shown on the top right of the screen while the achievement bar will be above the playing board. These two factors will increase gradually according to your successful moves. However, when the achievement bar is full, it's time to move on to a new level.