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Fly Car Stunt is an online car-controlling game on airborne platforms. If you do not drive carefully, your car can fall out into space immediately.

A New Flying-Car Game

Welcome to this Fly Car Stunt game to enjoy exciting races! Instead of racing on regular roads, players can travel on air roads in this online game. These roads are made up of large containers. They are arranged to create special paths.

Because of these special tracks, your car will be extremely special. In Fly Car Stunt, your cars can spread their modern wings to fly over platforms. With this special flying ability, players can experience exceptional driving. Are you ready to control these flying cars?

How To Play Fly Car Stunt

To play this driving game, players need to know how to control their car first.

How to Control Fly Car Stunt

To control your flying car, you can use the left and right arrow keys for direction, the up arrow key to accelerate, and the down arrow key to brake.

With these simple arrow keys, most players can play Fly Car Stunt. However, it is not easy to conquer the levels in this driving game because of the challenges.

Challenges of Fly Car Stunts

The levels in this driving game all offer different racing tracks. As a result, Fly Car Stunt players must drive very carefully to avoid falling off the platforms.

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