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Flappy: Hey Space is an adventure game inspired by the Flappy Bird game where you control an alien to move through a gap between 2 piles and collect stars. This game will bring you many challenges because of the length of the gap.

The Gap Between 2 Piles

The distance between the two piles is a safe place for your character to move through the difficulties. You need to move without touching any position of the pile. Only with a slight collision, the game will also end immediately. Therefore, taking advantage of the space between the two piles is extremely important. However, this gap is quite narrow. Your character must be very skillful to move through this barrier without any collisions.

In addition, this blank will change. With the first two piles, the empty position can be in the middle while the gap can move up on the next two piles. As a result, focusing on observation will help you have more chances of success.

Other Factors Of Flappy: Hey Space

In this online game, your goal is to get as many points as possible. Your score will be based on the number of spaces you successfully move through and the number of stars. The stars will be placed in the middle of the gap and you can collect them to increase your score. To control the character, you just need to click to make the character fly higher and release to make it fly lower. Your character will only fly high or low instead of moving forward like Flappy Bird. The piles will automatically move towards you.