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Play Dunk Brush, an online basketball game to draw lines to get the ball into the basket. Can you draw in time with balls thrown from many sides?

Dunk Brush Matches

This basketball game is an endless game with general rules for a match.

General Rules for This Basketball Version

Players will enter Dunk Brush with a paintbrush. When a stage opens, players can see a basket and where the balls are. The balls will be thrown from those positions. Your task is to quickly draw lines and put the ball into the basket after the ball is thrown.

With this sports gameplay, players not only need to draw accurately but also have to react quickly to the ball's movements. This Dunk Brush game is more challenging than the Basketball Stars sports game because it requires both of these skills.

The End Of Dunk Brush

Although this sports game is endless, it can also end because of several factors.

First, this Dunk Brush game will end if a ball is dropped. In some stages, there can be more than 1 ball thrown at the same time. Therefore, players need to be extremely careful to conquer this basketball challenge.

Second, this online game will also end if the balls do not enter the basket after all the draws. The number of strokes is limited for each Dunk Brush match, so you should make your drawing decisions carefully.

Basketball Score Record

Each stage will have a golden coin and players will receive 1 point if they collect this coin. After the game ends, your scores will be summarized and your highest score will be displayed.