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Dumb Ways To Die is a challenge game with various minigames for multiplayer. You will join surviving battles and face surprising situations as a dumb character. Coming to this game, you will be attracted by a series of iconic features!

Iconic Features Of Dumb Ways To Die

This online game offers you a lot of interesting features: special characters, many minigames, and special abilities. First, you will transform into a dumb character like a cartoon character. With a cute appearance, this character always brings sympathy to players. However, their flexibility is not high. Therefore, the game provides special skills for your character in each minigame. Besides, the number of minigames is a lot, so you will have the opportunity to experience many different abilities.

In addition to characters and minigames, sound and levels are the second highlights of this online game. The game sounds are always vibrant and fantastic, so you can immerse yourself in an exciting gaming world. The minigames will be divided into many different difficulty levels to provide a variety of challenges.

Control Your Dumb Character

When participating in this Dumb Ways To Die game, your main task is to control the dumb character and survive as long as possible. This endless game will require players to show their control skills to conquer challenges.

How to control Dumb Ways To Die: Use your left mouse.