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Play Donkey Kong to counter King Kong's powerful attacks in the role of Mario character. With basic platform gameplay, can you conquer all the levels? This online game is attractive thanks to its adventure gameplay.

The Adventure Gameplay

This Donkey Kong game has adventurous gameplay because your Mario character will experience stages full of dangers and obstacles.

Stages in Donkey Kong

Each stage has its own unique characteristics of dangers and obstacles. They are challenges for players to conquer and complete. However, most of them have the following common characteristics.

  • Obstacles from King Kong: Obstacles thrown by King Kong will roll along the platforms and run towards you. Your character will be destroyed if Mario collides with these obstacles.
  • Free Fires: There are free fires on the map. These obstacles also hurt your character. However, free fire is immobile.
  • Ladders: Ladders connect platforms together and create a path for you. However, there are broken ladders and your character cannot move through them.

How to Complete Stages

To complete the Donkey Kong stages, you need to control your character to reach the ending point. The ending point is usually right next to King Kong, so your adventure will be extremely challenging to win.

To move, you just need to use the arrow keys. This moving way is completely similar to Cuphead where players immerse themselves in the adventures of the Cuphead brothers to fight the Devil.

Donkey Kong Support Items

This online game will provide you with a number of support items. They have useful effects on Mario.

The most prominent item is the hammer. This hammer can easily destroy obstacles and protect your character's safety. However, to use this hammer, players need to pay attention to some characteristics. First, the hammer has a limited time of use. Second, you cannot climb the ladders during use.