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Cut The Rope is an amusing arcade game where you must help the Om Nom character to eat candy. The game requests you to cut one to get stars and candy.

What Is Appealing About Cut The Rope

The principle of the game: The game gives you extremely interesting gameplay. You have to find the solutions to the conundrums. You need to cut the rope. Then, the candy will be dropped. As a result, your character can eat candy. If you cut the ropes incorrectly, your character may miss candies because the candies will drop. You are also not allowed to let the candies fly out of the box. Therefore, you have to be careful with the bubbles. They can both help you collect stars and make candies fly away.

You will have to pass each level one by one. Try to unlock all levels. You will complete the box and move to the following boxes where there are a lot of challenging levels. Let's join and conquer all of them.

Controls: You use the left mouse button to play. Hold and drag the left mouse button to cut the ropes. It is so straightforward to control the game. Let's control and bring candy to your frog like the way you find the escape for House Of Hazards character.

Some Power-ups In The Shop

You have to collect as many stars as possible to purchase many items which can help you solve puzzles.

  • Get Solution: Some hints will be offered if you have this power-up. It will help you complete the difficult level. You can follow it and advance to the next levels.
  • Get Superpowers: You can unleash the Superpowers of Om Nom. Then, use Telekinesis to control candy and collect hidden stars.
  • Get Magnet: It is one of the best beneficial power-ups. You can use the magnetic stars to breeze through the levels.