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Crowd Run 3D is an online running game with crowds of stickmen. Collect as many stickmen as possible and overcome obstacles to complete a level. This game is an ideal environment for all players to challenge controlling skills against a series of dangers

A Series of Dangers

In Crowd Run 3D, there are many dangers for stickmen during movement.

The first danger is obstacles including, spikes, saw blades, spinning wheels, and many other dangerous items. These items are placed in many locations along the way to trap stickmen. With one collision, your stickman will be destroyed by these obstacles. In particular, obstacles can form a deadly area with many traps at the same time. Players need to pay special attention when moving through this area.

The second challenge is the platforms. Your stickmen will run on a long and straight platform. However, this platform will have holes that can destroy fallen stickmen. Therefore, you need to find ways to avoid these holes.

How to Conquer Crowd Run 3D

To conquer this online game, players only need to follow the rules, control carefully, and use powers.

Some Rules About Crowd Run 3D

The first rule is to avoid all dangers including obstacles and holes. Your number of stickmen will gradually decrease if you violate this rule. Once there are no more stickmen left, the game will end.

Second, to win a level, you need to reach the finish line with at least one stickman. To achieve this goal, players need to control their stickman crow with their mouse. This running game mainly challenges your ability to control and handle situations. It is similar to Happy Wheels where you also need to control skillfully to keep the old man balanced and away from deadly obstacles.

Powers For Victory

To support players, this Crowd Run 3D game provides quite a lot of power. One of the most prominent powers is the population-growth wall. After moving through these walls, your stickman count will be increased. The more stickman you have, the higher your chances of winning. Besides, points and coins at the end of each level also increase.

In addition, the arrow plates are also notable because they help your stickman jump higher. With jumping skills, your stickmen can overcome obstacles more easily. Finally, don't forget to upgrade for your crowds.