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Colorfle is an online puzzle game where players guess color codes randomly. You can base on color hints of each letter to identify true or wrong letters.

About Colorfle

This online game belongs to the puzzle genre where players guess letters about color codes. With this gameplay, it is predicted to be especially suitable for coders. However, the Colorfle game was more successful than expected as it attracted players outside the industry. Many players around the world join this puzzle game to challenge themselves as well as explore the world of colors in programming.

Colorfle's gameplay is similar to Word Hurdle as you also need to guess the letters to find the target word. However, there are unique features that only this new game has.

The Uniqueness Of Colorfle

This online game is unique from the theme, gameplay, to the words.

Theme and Gameplay

Colorfle's theme is color codes, a new theme for all players. Not many players may know this topic well because it belongs to a professional field. The developers made a bold decision to release this puzzle game.

In addition, Colorfle's gameplay is also extremely interesting because you do not have initial hints about the color codes. You need to find the color code from number 0. After that, you can rely on the color of the letters to continue your challenge.

Colorfle's Special

Unlike previous games, this Colorfle game includes special characters such as # and @. Therefore, you should pay attention to this element of Colorfle.