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Bubble Tower 3D


In Bubble Tower 3D, all bubbles are mounted on a giant tower. Let's shoot and remove all the bubbles in the dark forest while rotating the tower continuously!

Let's experience bubble-shooting gameplay in a new way with a giant tower.

The Tower In Bubble Tower 3D

In this online game, a mysterious tower is in a dark forest, the ruins of an ancient empire. The special thing is that there are bubbles surrounding this tower. With colorful bubbles, the tower suddenly became bright in the dark forest.

During play, the tower will continuously add bubbles. Are you ready to experience endless shooting with this tower?

Start Shooting Bubbles

In Bubble Tower 3D, the gameplay is similar to Bubble Shooter, but the bubbles cover a tower so the shooting style has new characteristics.

How To Shoot With The Tower

To shoot Bubble Tower 3D bubbles, you just need to use your mouse to aim and click to shoot. However, the tower will give you a new way to move.

You can rotate the tower to find the target location. With this move, you will have more shooting space. However, it limits your vision, you cannot see the entire bubble on one screen. Instead, you need to rotate to see each part of the bubble.

Bubble Tower 3D Goal

All players aim for the highest score possible with endless bubbles. The more bubbles you remove, the higher your score in Bubble Tower 3D. However, in the point-collecting process, pay attention to the finish line. Don't let the bubbles touch it!