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Bubble Shooter Butterfly

Pop the bubbles in this game

Bubble Shooter Butterfly requires smart strategies to clear the bubbles on the screen. In addition, you also need to free some butterflies to complete a level.

This game has a background of a beautiful garden with many trees. You will see a rectangular frame containing colorful bubbles appear on the screen. You are provided with other colorful bubbles inside a cannon. You will shoot these bubbles onto the screen to clear the bubbles in the rectangular frame. There will be certain rules in this game that you need to follow to win.

The game rules of Bubble Shooter Butterfly

The difficulty of the game will gradually increase through levels. Many new difficulties will appear in this game. Your task in some levels is not only to clear all the bubbles on the screen, but you also have to release some butterflies.

Release the butterflies

Beautiful butterflies trapped between colorful bubbles. You need to destroy these bubbles to free the butterflies. You need to shoot bullets at bubbles of the same color next to each other to destroy them. Of course, your bullets also need to be the same color as the bubbles you're aiming for. Try to destroy all the bubbles with the least amount of bullets possible. Leftover bullets will be added to your score.

Use some special abilities

You can see the color of the two bullets before firing and you can even change their positions. Observe carefully and figure out the best way to pop all bubbles. In addition, some special bullets have very powerful destructive capabilities. They can destroy many different bubbles at the same time. You need to choose a reasonable position to shoot these special bullets. If you want to test your vocabulary, you can try Word Hurdle.