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Bridge is an online solitaire game where you cooperate with your partner to get the most total points. This card game is considered the most challenging game.

About Bridge

Welcome to a new solitaire game on our Uno Online website. This Bridge game is completely different from other solitaire games because you have to cooperate with another player to create the highest total score. Other solitaire games are the exact opposite because you have to compete with all the other players.

This Bridge game is challenging for all players because it requires interaction between players. You and your teammates need to coordinate well to win the match. However, in this online version, you can transform into two players in the team at the same time.

Bridge's Playstyle

This card game is challenging so let's master the basic gameplay together.

How to Divide Teams

A match of Bridge has 4 players. These four players are divided into 2 teams and each team has 2 players. Two players on the same team will sit facing each other and can see each other's cards.

How to Play Bridge

Each match of this solitaire game has the same rules. Each game consists of 3 phases: Bidding, Playing, and Ending.

  • During the Bidding phase, teams will take turns and make offers to determine the final "contract".
  • During the Play phase, the team that wins the contract plays and tries to complete that contract.
  • During the End phase, the team that wins the contract will score based on the results.

Specifically, before each match, you will predict the decks you can make. When you go into a match, you need to try to fulfill this contract. Because players sit alternately, you must try to capture enemy cards to create your deck. When you create the target deck, you will receive points and victory will be decided based on these points.