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Play Boxing Random to join an online sports game between two players. Jump and throw continuous punches at your opponents to win every fight.

About Boxing Random

This online game belongs to the sports game genre with two options: 1 player and two players. The game will focus on the sport of boxing but has its own characteristics.

First, if you play live boxing, you definitely have an opponent. However, this online game offers you 2 modes to choose your opponents. You can choose an AI opponent or another player, so you have more options. Players do not depend on their opponents to participate in boxing matches. Even if you are alone, you can still compete in 2-player boxing matches.

Online Boxing Matches

In the Boxing Random game, players are placed on the field after selecting a game mode. Quickly control your character to perform powerful punches. For successful punches, you get one point. The winner of Boxing Random is the person who gets 5 points first.

The rules of the game are completely familiar, but the way your character moves is different.