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Box Tower is a block-stacking game so that the blocks overlap tightly. If you arrange the blocks incorrectly, their area will become increasingly smaller.

Box Tower Introduction

Welcome to a new reaction game on our Uno Online website! Coming to our website, players can experience many game genres from puzzle, arcade, shooting, and survival to action. Now, a reaction game is released to add to the richness of the game genre.

This online game will test the players' timing skills. If you have this skill, getting a high score in Box Tower is easy because you just need to time it to place the blocks correctly.

Block-Stacking Gameplay

In Box Tower, the main task of the players is to stack blocks. Let's learn how to place blocks on top of each other.

How To Stack Blocks

In Box Tower, there is a fixed block available at the bottom. New blocks will be added above this fixed block. Specifically, all new blocks will move from left to right and vice versa.

To stack blocks, you just need to click to make the block stop. Of course, you need to time it so that the two blocks overlap perfectly. If there is a non-uniform part, the block area will be reduced.

Score In Box Tower

Your score will be calculated based on the number of completed blocks. The number of blocks in Box Tower is endless so you can win endless points with your talent.