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Blockpost is an online action game with the first perspective and 4 shooting modes. There are Gun Game, Team Deathmatch, Sniper Arena, and Bomb Mode.

The Events of the Matches

When you join Blockpost, players can choose to become one of two teams: Blockops and Postpunks. These two teams are distinguished by the colors red and blue. When these two teams have enough members, the shooting matches officially begin.

In these battles, your mission is to control your character, use your fighting skills, and eliminate enemies. When starting Blockpost, the game takes you to any location. After that, you need to quickly adapt to the current conditions and start fighting. The combat rules depend on the mode.

4 Modes Of Blockpost

This new game includes 4 modes: Gun Game, Team Deathmatch, Sniper Arena, and Bomb Mode.

Gun Game And Team Deathmatch

These first two modes offer team matches with unlimited respawns. In Gun Game mode, you focus on your shooting ability to fight opponents.

In addition, in Team Deathmatch mode, you can fight in two teams and you are revived countless times.

Sniper Arena And Bomb Mode

These two modes are two new modes of Blockpost. They still focus on your shooting ability, but you need to reach level 3 to unlock Bomb Mode.