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Battleship Minesweeper is a puzzle game against time limitations. In this online game, players find numbers and avoid bombs within a time limit.

The Minesweeper Games

As you can know, Minesweeper is a classic game with many different online versions like Google Minesweeper. Each version incorporates a different feature and Battleship Minesweeper is similar. In this new version, players can experience time-limited competition.

Although there are certain changes, this online game still maintains the traditional gameplay of Minesweeper. Let's take a closer look at Battleship Minesweeper to see the differences and similarities.

Details Of Battleship Minesweeper

Let's learn in detail about the gameplay and how to win this puzzle game.

Familiar Minesweeper Gameplay

When participating in Battleship Minesweeper, players still have to search for numbers and avoid bombs. You can place flags to mark the location of bombs. If you choose any bomb, this Online Minesweeper game will end.

This gameplay is completely similar to the classic version. The difference is in the time for each match.

Time For Battleship Minesweeper

Each match is limited and each player only has 10 minutes to conquer a 20x20 grid. This will be a challenge for all the players to win this puzzle game.