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Play Backrooms to find the colorful door thanks to the sound and tracks in the maze. Can you escape safely or be caught by a strange creature?

Backrooms Escape

Welcome to this new escaping game on our website! This online game is famous for its attractive and horror gameplay. Players may be familiar with the horror Five Nights at Freddy's series, now Backrooms will bring you new experiences.

Players will enter a Backrooms world with a cramped and horror space. Around you, there are only light yellow walls. They are designed as a mysterious back room, and they create many passages like a maze. This makes it difficult for all the players to escape.

Therefore, if you want to escape from this online Backrooms game, please follow the following important information.

Wake Up With Game Mode

Escaping from Backrooms is awakening to the outside world. Let's learn together about common awakening.

How To Wake Up To Escape

In this online mystery maze, players can only move around and find the hidden exit. However, there are also special elements in Backrooms.

Sound is an important element of this Backrooms game so make sure you can hear the game sounds clearly. You can detect 'friends' by sound. Continuous sound is also a sign of exit.

Besides the sound, "friends" are a strange creature in Backrooms. You can see them anytime, but don't look for too long. Red eyes are a sign of upcoming danger.

3 Backrooms Modes

3 modes include Classic Deaf, and Free. These three modes all have similar gameplay, the requirements for successful escape have a few differences. This Backrooms game will have specific instructions for each mode.